Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October Molecular Cell Cover Design

We're pleased to announce that our cover design was picked for the October issue of Molecular Cell magazine.

The cover features 3′ end processing of replication-dependent histone pre-mRNA. Histone pre-mRNA (top wire) is cleaved 5 nucleotides after the stem loop by CPSF-73, represented by the wire cutter.

We've worked closely with the editors and the scientists who are featured in the article to create a design that best illustrates the discovery. Using the flashlight in the cover is descriptive of the discovery as well as a nice play on words to the title "FLASH Illuminates Histone Pre-mRNA 3' End Clevage."

Apart from creating ScienceSlides Online and ScienceSlides on CD, we also specialize in custom scientific illustrations. Please email us for more info. We're experts on designing graphics for PowerPoint as well as 3D modeling tools such as 3d Studio Max.

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