Wednesday, February 9, 2011

VisiPaths - Signaling Pathways Visualizer and Simulator

As a special Valentines day present to all our users we'd like to introduce the beta of!

VisiPaths allows users to visualize cellular signaling pathways as they propagate through the network. The app allows the user to track
  • signal transduction
  • signal crosstalk
  • pathways interactions
  • other systems biology modeling
  • and more!
Once a pathway is loaded and setup, the user can also alter any node properties, including activity and connections, and visualize the changes it causes to the signaling pathways - all in realtime.

With the ease of using a standards compliant web-app, you can modify any parts of the pathway including adding new nodes and creating new connections/interactions to test how they would affect overall signaling pathways.

All node actions can be based on a timer using delay function for each connection. This allows to see separately early (protein phosphorylation) and late (transcription) signaling events and also allows to visualize oscillations.

The app is available as a limited beta to the general public. We invite you to visit and signup for an account now.

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